Oakdale Center is an independent nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to awaken the power of analytical thinking, creativity, and flexibility in tomorrow’s citizens through intellectually rigorous academic enrichment opportunities in mathematics, the humanities, and science.

Oakdale Center was founded in September 2014 by three vocational teachers with experience at primary, high school and university level. We are not a franchise, nor are we affiliated with any organization.

We believe that education at all levels must offer more than direct career preparation. The ability to think numerately, scientifically, and intellectually is essential for negotiating life's challenges and opportunities. Competence in all three areas is also a source confidence, inner strength and ethical integrity. The first two have obvious practical applications, and the third is the ability to coordinate different kinds of information, to recognize alternative points of view, to weigh up right and wrong, to dream, to plan, to persevere, and to keep on getting up. By developing all these skill-sets, we help to prepare tomorrow's citizens as honorable, contributing members of society.

Our unique courses, outstanding instruction and the camaraderie of learning with like-minded peers make Oakdale Center the place to be on a Saturday!